Diplomatic Passport Programme

As Bitnation grows and develops its services, we are proud to present our Diplomatic Passport Programme.

Promote Bitnation while being part of the new world;
apply for a diplomatic passport now!

If you want to participate in the program, we invite you to fill up our application form. We will try to ensure that diplomats of Bitnation conduct with insights and knowledge of conduct, and we will help to educate them in order to make the programme a success, benefitting all Bitnation's citizens and nations.

Step 1

1. Pay the $149.00 fee in XPAT.

Step 2

2. Fill up the application form.

Step 3

3. Participate in a short interview.

Step 4

4. Get the passport!

Protecting Your Personal Information

Your identity and personal information are valuable. We protect your privacy and process your personal information in line with data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation. Your personal information will only be seen by those who have a legitimate reason for seeing it. You can find details about the personal information we hold, how we protect it, who we pass it to and how you can get a copy of that information and other rights in our Privacy Policy on our website. You may be contacted by Bitnation staff for additional information or to ask you about our service at a later stage. For more information or to find out how to opt out please visit read the complete Privacy Policy.

Service Standards

Providing a high level of service to all our Bitnation citizens is very important to us. We sometimes make mistakes, or circumstances beyond our control affect the standards of service. When this happens, we will apologise and do everything we can to put things right. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our service, including how we can improve in the future. Your views are important to us, please contact us by email if you have any ideas or suggestions to help us improve.

You can expect politeness, helpfulness and professionalism from our staff. We will give you a clear and helpful explanation if you are refused a Bitnation Diplomatic Passport.