Exchange your XBNX CounterParty tokens for XPAT ERC20 Ethereum tokens.

If you have purchased XBNX tokens on the CounterParty protocol, you will now be able to receive XPAT on Ethereum.

  • Step 1. Send all your XBNX tokens to the following burn address:
    You must input your email address in the transaction memo field (see example below using Counterwallet):
    Example of XBNX transfer using Counterwallet
  • Step 2. Send an email to [email protected] from the same email account you used in the transaction memo field to inform of us of your Ethereum wallet address where you want to receive your XPAT. The wallet must be an ERC20 token compatible wallet, such as the Bitnation Jurisdiction app wallet, or myetherwallet.com.

You will receive XPAT at an exchange rate of 1:157.5. That's the exact division of the total supply of XBNX by the total supply of XPAT plus a 50% bonus. This means you will receive 157.5 times XPAT on the amount of XBNX you send to the burn address.